Weidner BBQ Fundraising

Thinking of holding a BBQ fundraiser? Its a great way to raise much needed money for you organization, but planning one can often seem overwhelming. Thats where Weidner's BBQ can step in.

Whether this is your first fundraiser, or your a bunch of seasoned veterens, Weidners will work with you to make your event a smooth running success.

Fundraising Options & Tips

Fundraising Options & Tips

On Site Cooking- We come to your location and cook at the event. If available, we bring one of our mobile pits that leave no ashes, burned grass or mess. We can set up near a road, in your parking lot or any other area that provides good visibility and the opportunity for potential customers to smell the mouthwatering chicken while it's cooking. Normally, we require a minimum of 300 halves to cook on site, but exceptions can sometimes be made, ask Mary when you call.

Drop Off Fundraising- If quantities fall below the 300 halves, inclement weather is a concern, or the date of your event is not available we could bring the cooked chicken directly to your event.

Pricing- Price is determined by the market price, additional quantities over 300 will be charged a lower price.

Salads, Side Dishes, etc.- You can have your members prepare side dishes and salads or we can provide them for you. See our menu for available items (we can arrange for a price break for large quantities). Pulled pork or the pulled pork/chicken combo has become very popular for those who are looking to try something different, ask Mary about this option.

Serving- Normally, your organization will provide volunteers to serve the dinners, tables to serve from, and serving utensils. If this is a problem, please tell Mary and maybe we can help. We also work with a tent rental company, so if you need a tent or tables for customers, let us know.

Presale tickets- We strongly recommend having your members sell presale tickets. This gives you and us a guide to determine the amount of food needed. You may also require anyone purchasing a presale ticket to pick up the dinner 1 hour before the event officially ends. This allows you to sell all the remaining dinners in the last hour rather than hold them waiting for presale buyers that may never show up.


Advertising plays an important part in the success of your event, the more people that know about your event, the more potential customers you will have. There are a number of things Weidner's can do to help with your advertising. We will provide you with posters you can customize and place in local store windows to announce your event, we will mention your event on our website and in our weekly Pennysaver advertisement, and we will send an e-mail to our website subscribers who are interested in these events. You should have a sign at the location of your event announcing the date and time, if needed we will bring a "Chicken BBQ Today" sign on the day of the event.

You may also want to consider placing your own advertisements in local publications (some even provide free advertising to announce local community events). In addition, some radio and television stations have free advertising to announce community events and Craigslist has a section to announce local events.

Because your success is also our success, I encourage you to give us a call at (716) 992-4362 or e-mail us at chicken@wnybbq.com to see how we can help, you won't be sorry you did!