“I ordered Weidner’s Chicken for a couple different picnics last summer and everyone raved about how good it was! It really was a hit and I appreciated the reasonable price and the friendly home delivery! I would recommend Weidner’s Chicken to anyone looking for a great barbequed chicken.”

Diane Held Phillips

“I have ordered your chicken for my children’s birthday parties because between our two families, there are too many people for me to cook meat for! The chicken has ALWAYS been delivered on time and HOT! Before I tried Weidner’s chicken, I had ordered chicken from other places, and Weidner’s chicken is by far the tastiest. Since I usually order from them 2 times every year, they have made a spot in my own personal telephone/address book!

“One other secret I’d like to share for anyone who places an order … when you place your order, be sure to order extra because if you wrap the extra in foil and put it in the freezer, all you have to do is pull it out, pop it in the oven, and you have a wonderful meal for your family. The chicken tastes just as good as the day you ordered it!”

Michelle Wahl

“My family and extended family cannot say enough great things about Weidner chicken. We thankfully stumbled upon them many years ago when planning a family gathering for which there was no time to cook, and have been ordering from them ever since. The convenience of having delicious, hot, and ready-to-serve chicken delivered when you need it, takes all of the hassle out of family gatherings, giving you more time to visit. Their chicken is so scrumptious, that we often order extra and freeze it for those days you don’t feel like cooking. The Weidner family customer service is excellent and all of our guests rave about their food – Bon Appetit!”

Lisa Winter

“All the seniors from ‘Sacred Heart Senior Club’ would like to thank you for the wonderful job catering our chicken barbeque dinner. The chicken was so big and flavorful plus the sides were more than enough. We are looking forward to seeing you again real soon. Thanks again for another great job.”

Marie Koualczyk

“Bert Weidner BBQ offers quality chicken. For years my family has relied on them to provide moist and tender chicken for special occasions, often up to 60 people. The have constantly provided us with chicken with substantial flavor. We also enjoy marinating with their bottled sauce at home on our grill to get the same great flavor. Their chicken has flavor that cannot be compared to others!! You will be most pleased with their products.”

Jen Donovan

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